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Concerned about your Birth Horoscope? Want to understand the best time for Business, Marriage, and important events in life? Download your Birth Miracle now!

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Understand different areas of your life like Personality, Finance, Business, Career & others. Understand birth Remedies and Positive and negative time periods to get the Right direction and path in life.

Astromiracle astrology explores the way in which planets move in relation to each other. They assist us in comprehending the special configuration of the planets and stars in order to assess a person's personality at the moment of birth. When a child is born, the planetary alignment is captured in a Birth Miracle. While, by means of the birth miracle, it is simple to understand the fundamental components of life.

Simply fill out the following form with your accurate birthdate and time so that our astrological software and well-known astrologers can create your horoscope with all the necessary details for you to receive the Birth Miracle.

Janam Kundli is now expected of everybody. Advancements in technology bring the uncomfortable truth that people often exaggerate what the future may hold. Get an accurate and reliable report from the natal horoscope of Astromiracle, the world's leading astrology company. As the most experienced players, we provide only the most sincere services aimed at managing any problem in your life and helping you reach independence and tranquility.

Birth Miracle Personalized Report

Are you preparing for the future possibilities that birth may bring? With the birth miracle, you may get all prognoses, both good and bad, along with solutions and custom time frames. This customized report details your finances, education, and important prediction on a yearly basis, so you may choose your goals based on positive and negative projections. The following is included in the Astromiracle birth Horoscope Astrology:

  • Panchangana Prediction including Weekday, Star, Thithi, Karana and Yog
  • Explain all your Birth Yoga in detail.
  • Personalised Bhav Prediction as per Birth Details.
  • Your Education, Career, Wealth etc.
  • Your Health, Marriage and Relationship.
  • Dasa-Apahara tables & Future forecasts
  • Favourable periods for marriage, career growth, wealth etc.
  • Your Yogas, Doshas & Remedies to Doshas

Fill the form below to get FREE Horoscope summary and free preview of the Full & Detailed Horoscope.

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    Astrology By Date of Birth And Time

    Panchanga Prognoses

    From your date of birth, you should analyze the astrological meaning of Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, and Nithyayogas, among others. The study sheds light on parts of your life, including your personality and physical appearance. Panchanga's forecasts provide insight into many of these factors. Like the Nakshatra and Tithi of the day, the day of the week you were born has a major impact on your way of being. The individual's personality may differ depending on whether he or she was born during Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha. The review of Karana and Nithya Yoga also provides details about the particular impacts on the individual that would affect his life on Earth.

    Dasa Forecasts

    Dasha is the period during which a single planet has an impact on the individual. Your free online horoscope provides information about Dasha's important periods as well as their sub-periods, which can last up to 25 years. The person will learn from this report how this period will influence his life. The candidate will have a better understanding of the overall trends that can be anticipated over a period of time. Dasha's prophesies are valid for 25 years after purchase. It will deal with the consequences of the main period of Dasha and the many apahara epochs that make up the period of Dasha. A report acquired in 2022 will include projections until 2067.

    Bhava Prognoses

    The houses in your free horoscope are referred to as bhava. The positioning of the planets in your horoscope, can affect your physical appearance, character, personality traits, education, wealth, intelligence, family, progeny, health issues, obstacles, marriage, partner, luck, prosperity, longevity, profession, income, etc., is examined in bhava predictions. Even evil planets can have positive advantages when placed in some houses, whereas in other houses, even the most beneficial planets can become evil. Given that it concerns the marriage and conjugal life of a person, the seventh house is probably the best known.

    Analysis of yoga

    Yogas are special planetary configurations that have unique advantages and last a person's entire life. Many yogas are described in Vedic astrology, some of which are powerful and others have a more moderate impact. Your free online horoscope examines your unique yogas and explains how they will affect your life. The fortunes of a person can often improve by practicing certain forms of yoga, like Raja Yoga. Other forms of yoga have more targeted effects, such as being physically active or educating. As an example, Anapha Yoga involves you being a king, being free of diseases, virtuous, famous, charming, and happy.

    Favorable Moments

    In life, fortunes change every day. Each action you do can literally lead to gold sometimes, while other times whatever you do will prove incorrect. Your free online horoscope details every happy and prosperous moment in your life. These include the best moments for starting a business, getting married, having kids, or building a home. From the moment they begin to the moment they end, the different periods are displayed in table mode. Marriage-friendly ages are considered for the years 18 to 60, while those for careers and enterprises are considered for ages 15 to 60. The ages studied for house building vary between 15 and 80 years.

    Remedies for Graha Dosha

    Your free online horoscope will look into any Graha Doshas which might be present. When planets are placed in the wrong place in the horoscope, Graha Doshas comes out of it. As an example, the horoscope has Kuja Dosha if Mars is placed in the seventh house. As these Graha Doshas can have negative effects, it is advisable to follow the recommended therapies. The free horoscope will provide you with all the therapies you may need if your horoscope contains a Graha Doshas. Remedial actions can include fasting, mantras, ceremonial worship, etc.


    The combustion of planets known as moudhyam occurs when they are placed in the horoscope too near to the Sun. For instance, the Moon is considered to be combust or in Moudhyam when it is within 12 degrees of the Sun in the horoscope. Your free horoscope looks at the General Moudhyam of your chart that way. A person's life can suffer because of the moudhyam. The probability of interplanetary conflicts in your horoscope is also examined. The state is known as Graha Yuddha. The Graha Avastha comes afterward. Planet positions within each Avastha, or phase of your life, are studied in Graha Avastha.

    Predictions made by Ashtakavarga

    The eightfold categorization of a person's horoscope's relationship with the planets is called Ashtakavarga. Here, the ascendant and the planet's position in relation to other planets are used to compute the planet's power and intensity. Each planet is given scores ranging from 0 to 8, with 0 being the weakest and 8 being the strongest, depending on it. Your free online horoscope's Ashtakavarga forecasts evaluate the planets' total potency. This makes it easier to predict the possible outcomes of the person's life. The birth miracle also provides possible cures, if the implications are unfavorable.

    Transit Prediction

    The positions of the planets in the individual's horoscope are compared with the actual positions of the planets in the cosmos in a transit prediction. The transit forecasts of your online horoscope will help you understand the effects of each planet's transit on their lives. For example, the passage of planets such as Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturn can have a major impact on one's life. Jupiter transits from one sign to another within a year, while the Sun does it within a month. The passage from one panel to Saturn takes 2.5 years. The greater the influence on an individual, the more slowly the globe passes through a sign.

    FAQs of Birth Miracle

    How do I get free access to my Horoscope?

    Enter your birth information in the corresponding section of the Astromiracle website or in the Astromiracle mobile app to get your free horoscope. Your free horoscope will be generated right away, and it will tell you about a variety of astrological aspects that are unique to your birth card analysis.

    What are your financial and life goals?

    It seems easy enough, but without knowing your long-term goals, you won't have the self-control to put off buying a new SUV or taking a trip to the Bahamas in order to increase your savings.

    According to Sanjay, a financial adviser of Signature Financial Planning in Mumbai, India, "when you know your positives and negative goals in place, this can give the critical motivation to analyze habits and perhaps make good adjustments."

    According to many Customers and astrologers, it is always better to understand the Futuristic birth Horoscope before starting, As this will provide us a motivating way to understand the better part of life to save for later life.

    When to avoid expenses to avoid any debt? If so, How?

    If you’re in the red Sign, one of the best ways to get yourself on track financially is to get a birth horoscope to understand a basic idea about the critical Dasha and Financial Astrology planning.

    "If you have debts, knowing the positive weather will definitely help you motivate yourself to reduce financial losses over time," says Dua.

    Often, reports also help to understand the positive and negative aspects of life, where one can mold the situation of the upcoming time as per Dasha to decrease the losses and other negativities.

    The reason for the relationship is to eliminate negative energies with the help of early comprehension.

    What use does astrology serve?

    The horoscope is like a snapshot of the universe at the time someone is born. Examining the positions of the planets and other astrological elements like the natal rasi, nakshatra, and Lagna can reveal a lot about a person's personality, character traits, and general direction of life. It also points out an individual's interests, areas of strength, and areas of weakness. A horoscope is similar to the best career troubleshooting advice in life.

    Can my horoscope predict every detail of my future and solve my problems?

    Yes, your horoscope can forecast how the planets will evolve in the future. It also provides tips on how to avoid or counteract the harmful effects of planets and bad seasons in life. Your life is affected by the evil planets in your horoscope, and this causes the problems you are experiencing. It is possible to recognize the doshas which can result from the wrong position of Saturn and to provide remedies. You will have a complete and precise picture of what awaits you with predictions on a variety of aspects of your life, such as your marriage, work, health, and money. If you take remedial action, you can move away from life's issues.

    What changes can be brought into our life by Birth Miracle?

    Yes, Birth Miracle can bring a lot of such changes in your life; it shows you the right guidance, makes you aware of everything, and also tells you the remedies so that you can easily overcome your problems, which will make your life better.

    Are horoscope predictions significant in people's lives?

    The nine planets, or navagrahas, are thoroughly examined in the horoscope to see how they influence a person's life. By looking at one's free online horoscope, one might ascertain their life's strengths and flaws. With awareness of the many fortunes to come, we can maximise their existence.

    Can anyone of any age view or buy Birth Miracle? Will all the information related to us be available in it?

    Yes, any person can buy or see Birth Miracle; it gives you information about things from birth, what will happen in your Janam Kundli, etc. This Kundli of ours has been made after much research so that you can easily know about your birth predictions from our Kundli. To give you comprehensive information about your birth.

    Whatever problems are going on in our Janam Kundli, can they be corrected by the Birth Miracle Horoscope?

    Yes, your issue can be solved by birth miracle if you take the remedies through our horoscope and follow them. Next, you can always avoid the upcoming problem.

    What makes Kundli so essential?

    A Janam Kundli, commonly called a horoscope, is a photograph of the sky taken at the moment of our birth or our rise on this planet. We are touched throughout our lifetime by the constellations in which the planets and stars were when we were born. All the key events in our lives are miraculously foretold by them, and they also define how happy or unlucky we will be now. Astrologers use free Kundli to predict what people will do in the future. You can successfully deduce all the information you require about your early years, education, marriage, work, business, progeny, finances, overseas relocation, love life, health, and other sectors from a free Janam Kundli analysis.

    How is a horoscope interpreted and evaluated?

    Our expert astrologers have constructed your birth analysis using the key birth details you have supplied. The most precise astrological principles and calculations eliminate all likelihood of inaccuracy.m.

    • Calculations are based on personality characteristics, nature, character, temperament, and key life experiences. Different planets are analysed depending on their location in various homes, rashis, and nakshatras.
    • Numerous Varga or divisional charts are examined in order to have a deeper understanding of the native's way of life.
    • The dasha system and transits have been thoroughly investigated.
    • It is determined which times are fortunate and which are unfortunate.
    • The best remedies are offered following the identification of probable causes of the disease.

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