AAA Amazonite 8 mm 108 Round Bead Mala

AAA Amazonite 8 mm 108 Round Bead Mala

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  • Discover the perfect stones for tumbling, cabbing, healing, massage, chakra balancing, positive energy, meditation, sound sleep, and rock collecting.
  • One of the most sought-after stones for ambition and drive, our crystal is a power stone that can help you in making choices and decisions. It's an excellent career stone that can provide you with the energy and focus to achieve your goals.
  • Our stones are 100% natural, carefully selected and sourced from the finest quarries. We guarantee their authenticity and quality.
  • At, we offer free delivery to all over India within 7-10 Days.

    Elevate Your Spirit with the AAA Amazonite 8 mm 108 Round Bead Mala

    Astrological Alchemy: Embrace the Power of Amazonite

    Celestial Harmony:

    Amazonite, a gem respected in astrology, resonates with celestial energies that foster reality, courage, and stability. This Mala isn't only a string of beads; it's a conduit for aligning with the coronary heart and throat chakras, promoting a harmonious connection to the cosmos.

    How to Wear Your Cosmic Elegance:

    Adorning the Soul:

    Drape the AAA Amazonite eight mm 108 Round Bead Mala round your neck or wrist to embrace its celestial vibrations. As you put on it, experience the calming energies infuse every issue of your being.

    When to Invite Cosmic Bliss:

    Daily Rituals:

    This Mala is designed for everyday put on, providing a continuous hyperlink to the celestial realms. Invoke the energies of Amazonite for your daily rituals, creating a harmonious balance for your cosmic adventure.

    Dos and Don'ts of Cosmic Adornment:


    • Wear it frequently for a sustained strength go with the flow.
    • Clean with a tender 100% cotton material.
    • Embrace the authenticity of Amazonite's energies.


    • Expose the Mala to harsh detergents or lotions.
    • Dip it in water to keep its herbal texture.
    • Forget to eliminate before engaging in water-associated activities.

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    Purity in Every Bead: The Promise of Amazonite

    Rest confident, your AAA Amazonite 8 mm 108 Round Bead Mala is crafted from a hundred% authentic Amazonite. Dispatched inside 7 days, it's no longer simply a bit of jewelry; it is an astrologically charged companion in your spiritual adventure.

    Product Highlights:

    • Authentic AAA Amazonite eight mm Beads.
    • 108 Round Bead Mala for spiritual alignment.
    • Dispatched inside 7 days for set off cosmic connection.
    • Free astrological energization with the aid of our expert astrologer.

    Legal Disclaimer and Care Instructions:

    Colors, sizes, and textures may additionally range because of the particular nature of every stone, making every Mala one-of-a-type. For precise shade or shade queries, please touch us before ordering.

    Each size is measured through hand, ensuring a customized contact. The image is enlarged for better viewing, so evaluate the required dimensions for correct sizing.

    Made from herbal stones, your Mala may additionally show small holes or crack marks, showcasing its earthly beginning. Handle with care, as detergents and creams can have an effect on the beads' finishing. Ensure it stays dry and remove before swimming or washing dishes.

    Adorn with Intention:

    Wear the AAA Amazonite eight mm 108 Round Bead Mala as a image of your cosmic connection. Let its energies resonate along with your spirit, bringing harmony, braveness, and balance to each step of your celestial adventure.

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