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FAQs - Frequently Ask Questions


Enter your birth details in the relevant section on the Astro Miracle website or in the Astro Miracle mobile app to get your free horoscope. Your free horoscope will be immediately generated and it will inform you about a variety of astrological aspects that are unique to you.

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A complete analysis of all the astrological events that will impact the individual over the course of the next 25 years of life is included in the free horoscope report. Numerous facets of life, including work, education, finances, personality, etc., will be directly impacted by these events. It also includes a complete list of the Dasha-Apahara phases as well as good, exceptional, and favourable times for different facets of life, such as business and marriage. The page provides details on different Doshas as well as potential remedies.

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A specialised piece of software creates the free horoscope that Astro Miracle offers. The reports generated in this manner are true and correct. The software was programmed using information acquired over four decades of investigation. It offers perception into each key sphere of a person's existence. The reports are also quickly generated and error-free due to automated processes. The information in the free horoscope is also devoid of any prejudice or bias on the part of people. The report was confirmed by over 1000 astrologers. This study has already helped more than 110 million people, who represent 170 different countries.


The horoscope is like a snapshot of the cosmos at the moment of a person's birth. Examining the positions of the planets and other astrological elements like the natal rasi, nakshatra, and Lagna can reveal a lot about a person's personality, character traits, and general direction of life. It also indicates a person's interests, areas of strength, and areas of weakness. A horoscope is similar to the best form of life advice.

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Yes, your horoscope can predict how the planets will move in the future. It also provides guidance on how to successfully avoid or outwit the adverse effects of the planets and bad seasons in life. Your life is affected by the malefic planets in your horoscope, which causes the problems you encounter. It is feasible to recognise the doshas that may result from Saturn's poor positioning and provide remedies. You'll get a thorough and accurate picture of what lies ahead with predictions on a variety of aspects of your life, such as your marriage, job, health, and money. If you take corrective action, you can stay away from issues in life.


The free horoscopes are available by visiting the Astro Miracle website or downloading the Astro Miracle app. The report can be acquired by entering the person's birth date in the box provided. The reports are accessible in a number of prominent Indian languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi. You also have the option of selecting a report style, such as a North Indian style, a South Indian style, etc. The report is created by high-tech software that analyses the astrological data in the birth chart and delivers a detailed analysis of the future.

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The nine planets, or navagrahas, are thoroughly examined in the horoscope to see how they influence a person's life. By looking at one's free online horoscope, one might ascertain their life's strengths and flaws. By being aware of the many fortunes that lay ahead, one can maximize their existence.


Doshas are brought on by unfavourable placements of the planets in a horoscope. If the planets form an adverse aspect to one another, it may also materialise. Doshas can have many different shapes. The Kuja Dosha and the Shani Dosha are arguably the two most well-known doshas. Numerous outcomes are possible from these planetary doshas; some may interfere with family life while others may cause financial problems. It varies from Dosha to Dosha. Sarpa dosha, Nadi dosha, and Rahu-Ketu dosha are a few other well-known doshas.

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A janam kundli, commonly referred to as a horoscope, is a photograph of the sky taken at the time of our birth or ascent to this planet. We are affected throughout the course of our life by the constellations in which the planets and stars were when we were born. All key events in our life are miraculously predicted by them, and they also define how happy or unhappy we will be right now. Astrologers use free kundli charts to predict how the populace will behave in the future. You can successfully deduce all the information you require about your early years, education, marriage, work, business, progeny, finances, overseas relocation, love life, health, and other sectors from a free janam kundli analysis.

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Our expert astrologers built your birth chart using the key birth details you provided. The most accurate astrological principles and calculations eliminate all chances for inaccuracy. Calculations are determined based on personality traits, nature, character, temperament, and key life experiences. Different planets are analysed based on their placements in various houses, rashis, and nakshatras. Numerous Varga or divisional charts are examined in order to have a deeper understanding of the native's way of life. The dasha system and transits have been the subject of extensive study. It is established which times are lucky and which are unlucky. The best remedies are suggested after identifying the disease's likely causes.

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