Putra Dosha

Putra Dosha: Understanding its Significance, Types, and Remedies (पुत्र दोष: इसके महत्व, प्रकारों और उपायों को समझना)

Putra Dosh


  1. Introduction

    • Definition of Putra Dosha
    • Significance and importance of Putra Dosha in Hindu astrology
  2. Types of Putra Dosha

    • Pitra Dosh
    • Sutaka Dosha
  3. Causes of Putra Dosha

    • Planetary combinations and malefic planets
    • Genetic factors and fertility issues
    • Ancestral curses and karmic influences
  4. Effects of Putra Dosha

    • Delayed or difficult pregnancy
    • Progeny problems and conception issues
    • Impact on family lineage and future generations
  5. Remedies for Putra Dosha

    • Astrological solutions and horoscope analysis
    • Rituals and prayers to appease the malefic planets
    • Seeking guidance from knowledgeable astrologers
  6. Conclusion

  7. FAQs

    • Can Putra Dosha be completely cured?
    • How long does it take to see the effects of the remedies?
    • Are there any non-astrological remedies for Putra Dosha?
    • Can Putra Dosha affect both men and women equally?
    • How accurate are astrological predictions regarding Putra Dosha?




Putra Dosha: Understanding its Significance, Types, and Remedies

In Hindu astrology, the birth of a child is considered a momentous event, as it carries forward the family lineage and ensures the continuity of generations. However, some individuals may face challenges in conceiving or experiencing complications during pregnancy, leading to childlessness or progeny problems. These issues are often attributed to a phenomenon called Putra Dosha. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Putra Dosha, explore its different types, understand its causes, and discuss various remedies available to mitigate its effects.



Putra Dosha refers to the astrological condition that signifies difficulties in childbirth or the inability to have children. It is a dosha or a malefic planetary affliction that can be present in an individual's birth chart or horoscope. Putra Dosha holds great significance in Hindu astrology, as the desire for offspring is deeply rooted in the cultural and social fabric of many communities.


Types of Putra Dosha

There are two primary types of Putra Dosha that are commonly encountered:

Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh, also known as Pitru Dosha, is associated with the malefic influence of ancestral curses and karmic debts. It occurs when the departed ancestors have not attained peace and their souls carry unresolved issues that affect the well-being of their descendants. Pitra Dosh can be inherited through the family lineage and can cause obstacles in conceiving or having healthy children.

Sutaka Dosha

Sutaka Dosha is related to the influence of planetary combinations and malefic planets in a person's birth chart. It occurs when certain unfavorable planetary positions or aspects are present at the time of conception or during pregnancy. Sutaka Dosha can lead to complications during childbirth and may result in progeny problems or difficulties in having children.



Causes of Putra Dosha

Putra Dosha can arise due to various factors, including:

  1. Planetary combinations and malefic planets: The unfavorable positioning of certain planets in a person's birth chart can contribute to Putra Dosha. Malefic planets like Saturn (Shani) and Mars (Mangal) are often associated with delays or challenges in childbirth.

  2. Genetic factors and fertility issues: Sometimes, Putra Dosha may be influenced by genetic factors or underlying fertility issues in either or both partners. These factors can impact the conception process and increase the chances of experiencing difficulties in having children.

  3. Ancestral curses and karmic influences: The concept of ancestral curses and karmic influences suggests that the actions of our ancestors can have repercussions on future generations. If there are unresolved issues or negative karma associated with the family lineage, it can manifest as Putra Dosha in individuals.


Effects of Putra Dosha

Putra Dosha can have several effects on individuals and families, including:


Remedies for Putra Dosha

While dealing with Putra Dosha, individuals can explore various remedies to alleviate its effects and increase the chances of having children. Some common remedies include:




Putra Dosha, a significant aspect of Hindu astrology, plays a crucial role in determining the challenges and obstacles related to childbirth and having children. Understanding the types, causes, and effects of Putra Dosha can help individuals seek appropriate remedies and guidance to overcome these hurdles. By embracing astrological solutions, performing rituals, and seeking the support of experienced astrologers, individuals can increase the likelihood of conceiving and experience the joy of parenthood.



  1. Can Putra Dosha be completely cured?

    While it is not possible to completely eliminate Putra Dosha, its effects can be mitigated through the proper implementation of astrological remedies and rituals. These measures can help improve the chances of conception and childbirth.

  2. How long does it take to see the effects of the remedies?

    The time required to observe the effects of remedies for Putra Dosha may vary for each individual. It depends on several factors, such as the intensity of the dosha, the sincerity of performing the remedies, and individual circumstances. Patience and consistent practice of the prescribed remedies are crucial.

  3. Are there any non-astrological remedies for Putra Dosha?

    While astrological remedies are often recommended for addressing Putra Dosha, individuals may also explore other complementary approaches such as medical interventions, lifestyle modifications, and holistic practices. It is essential to consult healthcare professionals and experienced astrologers for a well-rounded approach.

  4. Can Putra Dosha affect both men and women equally?

    Yes, Putra Dosha can affect both men and women. It is not limited to a specific gender and can manifest as fertility issues or complications in childbirth for both partners.

  5. How accurate are astrological predictions regarding Putra Dosha?

    Astrological predictions regarding Putra Dosha are based on the interpretation of planetary positions and their influences. While astrology provides insights and guidance, individual experiences may vary. It is important to approach astrological predictions with an open mind and consider them as one aspect of the overall situation.

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