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Ashtakoot Prediction

Heart in doubt, love in question? Ashtakoot Prediction holds the key. In our reports, find the poetry of certainty in the dance of your emotions.


Cracking the Code of Marital Harmony: A Comprehensive Guide to Ashtakoot Compatibility by

Ashtakoot Milan, a widely embraced astrological system in North India, plays a crucial role in assessing the compatibility of potential life partners. Unlike the more intricate Dashakoot system in South India, Ashtakoot evaluates eight factors: Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha-Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi, assigning a weightage corresponding to their serial numbers, totaling a maximum score of 36.

Decoding Ashtakoot: Simplifying Compatibility Assessment

In this system, the focus is solely on the Rashi or Moon charts and birth Nakshatras, excluding other complex factors. It overlooks elements like lagna charts, house strength, and prevailing Dashas. Ashtakoot's simplicity allows anyone to interpret the Guna score and Manglik factor, making it accessible without consulting an astrologer.

Evolution of Compatibility Checks: Understanding the Shift

In recent decades, the changing socio-economic landscape has led to a surge in interest in horoscope matching. With traditional gender roles evolving, concerns about successful and enjoyable marriages have grown beyond parental worries to include the younger, educated generation.

Research Journey: Unraveling the Truth Behind Ashtakoot Milan

To validate the effectiveness of Ashtakoot Milan, a research study was conducted, aiming to answer critical questions:

  • Is Ashtakoot Milan efficient in judging compatibility?
  • Does the Guna score truly reflect happiness levels in marital relations?
  • Can a high Guna score guarantee a high-quality married life?

The study, based on feedback from 200 married couples, challenged the conventional Ashtakoot results and identified the need for a revised approach.

Revamping Ashtakoot: Unveiling a More Accurate Model

The conventional Melapak tables often overlook the cancellation of key Doshas like Nadi, Bhakoot, and Gana. introduces a revised Melapak, drawing inspiration from ancient texts, considering the mutual friendship of Rashi lords, correcting the inaccuracies of the conventional approach.

Results Reimagined: A Glimpse into Marital Realities

The revised Melapak results showcase a significant shift, aligning more closely with the expected outcomes. The percentage of successful marriages in the 28-36 Guna bracket has seen a remarkable increase, reflecting a more accurate representation of compatibility.

Revised Melapak Results

Guna Score quality of married life 0-09 10-17 18-27 28-36 Total
Excellent 02 04 16 48 70
Good 03 05 14 44 66
Average 02 03 14 20 39
Below Average - 03 07 04 14
Bad - - 02 09 11
Total 07 15 53 125 200

In Conclusion: Navigating Marital Compatibility Beyond Guna Scores

While Ashtakoot Milan is valuable, it shouldn't be the sole determinant of marital compatibility. Horoscope analysis, Navamansh charts, and consideration of various houses and planets are equally crucial.'s revised Melapak serves as an improvement, but caution is advised, urging the public to seek comprehensive astrological advice for a holistic understanding of compatibility.

A Call for Change: Urgency in Revamping Melapak Tables

This exploration highlights the need for a revision in Melapak tables, urging experts and software developers, such as, to embark on comprehensive studies. An ideal Melapak table should encompass a broader perspective, minimizing the risk of misleading results and ensuring the continued credibility of astrology.

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